About Us

Disabled Outdoorsmen Inc. is a Non-profit 501(C)(3) organization created for the people who refuse to give up their dreams of living in the outdoors. People around the world use the outdoors as therapy to help cope with their disability. Here at Disabled Outdoorsmen we aim to make that possible on a large scale! Whether its taking individuals on trips to give them some outdoor therapy or putting those same individuals on our apparel we love doing our part! Since our conception in 2017, DOUSA has made it our mission to help change lives one trip at a time!


DOUSA founder Weston Jenkins is on a mission to make the seemingly impossible possible! Weston was raised in the small town of Medina TX. Growing up Weston was always outdoors! "Since I could remember, I have been hunting and Fishing with my cousin TJ duPerier, who is the sole reason for the creation of DOUSA. I came to the realization when I was younger that there were no brands or organizations to represent the Disabled Outdoors Men/Women. That is why I started DOUSA, to represent my cousin TJ and all the Disabled Men and Women of the outdoors!" We plan to make a huge impact on the disabled community. We hope you follow our journey and help us, help others!